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A lot of cinematography, to me, comes down to emotional instinct. I love sitting down with the director and dreaming up the visuals together. Because I write poetry, I very naturally associate and make sense of my emotions visually. I am sensitive, and intensely empathetic. I think this is one of my biggest strengths as a cinematographer. 


Many of the short films that I’ve shot deal with loneliness or introspection, one way or another. I feel strongly for this kind of subject matter; I think it is something that everyone can relate to and it has a lot of opportunity for interesting visuals.


I love to capture the quiet moments, the moments of truth. I have a deep appreciation for and believe strongly in the beauty in life’s moments. Moments where time slows down for a minute and we feel truly awake, truly liberated, are what I seek and live for. I think cinematography has the unique ability to capture these moments and to give an audience this feeling. It is unlike any other medium in this capacity. Through my cinematography, I hope to make audiences feel alive and I hope to remind them to feel deeply.

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